A practical, bespoke chest for your home

The story of how Leisure Chests began.

The idea for Leisure Chests came to me at around 4AM one morning, a very creative time I have found, while I was waiting for my newborn baby girl to drift off back to sleep in my arms. I was sitting in my feeding chair, staring at the garishly bright toys peeking out of the cupboard, thinking how they would upset my carefully put together pastel nursery when they were strewn about on the floor in the not too far future.

I wanted a box to put them in, but something special. I wanted something with her name on it, and a colour that would look lovely in the room. I searched and searched (online with my one free hand) to no avail. I realized I would need to order my own box to be made by a carpenter and that I would need to paint it myself too. This was followed by the realization that there were probably plenty of other parents and grandparents who had toys here there and everywhere and nothing specifically designed for their home to put them in. And so Leisure Chests was born.


All of the boxes have been beautifully made with light lids in case of little fingers. You can choose to have a plain box, or you can select from the range of already designed chests, or you can personalize your box if you so wish.

The boxes are painted with non-toxic Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in a range of jewel-like colours. They are then personalised with an embellishment of your choice. The result is a practical, bespoke chest, to store your toys, linen or whatever you choose, a chest that fits in with your home and especially created for you.

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